Did you know just twenty true species of hornets truly really exist? The one real specie of a genuine hornet in the States is the European hornet. As its name implies, the European hornet is certainly an introduced species which arrived in the U.S. from Europe and has adjusted to several areas of North America. You can recognize the European hornet by viewing its coloring and size; yellow and brown, 1 1/2 in. in length.

Another popular pest which you have likely come across, the ‘bald-faced’ hornet isn’t a true hornet. The bald-faced hornet is about one inch in length and is colored white and black. The behavior and lifestyle of the European hornet and the bald-faced hornet are certainly similar to yellow jackets, which are really wasps. Size is the most effortlessly regarded difference seeing as yellow jackets are smaller compared to hornets.

In case you come across an aerial nest that’s round and as big as a basketball (normally discovered in trees) you may have found a bald-faced hornet nest. When you see a nest inside of a hollow tree, inside of a wall, crawl space or on the deck, it is likely a European hornet nest.

These specific nests often appear to be ‘paper’ but are built from the hornet’s spit mixed with the wood they accumulated to construct the nest. Throughout the nest-building time of year, it might not be unusual to witness a hornet scraping away a very thin wood layer from a wood fence, an old log or the outside of any unpainted wooden structure.

Although hornets are known for their potential to inflict a distressing sting, they happen to be very beneficial predators and help to stop a variety of insects that might otherwise turn into pests. Nevertheless, hornets are sociable insects therefore they will assertively defend their colony from intruders. European hornets happen to be less aggressive in comparison to yellow jackets and they take pride in guarding their own nest and can take significant measures if necessary to chase away virtually any threat they predict.

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